Strategy & Messaging Development

Messages move people. Stories change lives. Developing a persuasive narrative for your campaign, and the candidate, are integral for being able to connect with your voters. I have been schooled in the Marshall Ganz art of persuasive messaging development. Using deeply personal narratives, which connect with people psychologically, that drive the listener to empathize, connect, and trust the speaker while building up the listener to take action. If you want to get more votes, donations, volunteers, and people to care about you enough to help you win, you may want to get in touch with me to make sure your message is compelling enough to drive you to victory.

Campaign Development

Developing a campaign includes a million little details. Renting buildings, getting insurance, finding staffers and the right people to handle your compliance factors, getting the supplies and materials you need - this can all be a lot to deal with. You shouldn't. All of this energy could be better spent elsewhere and it's much easier for someone who is familiar with planning and executing the minutia so that you are ready to hit the ground running.

Candidate Coaching & Training

Not all candidates are natural born movers and shakers. Nearly every candidate who is serious about winning gets some kind of training. It might be campaign training where they learn how their campaign will run, successful organizing strategies, the role of a candidate, and all of the legalities they will need to be aware of. Or it could be training on personal presentation, communication, and imaging where they are coached on how to speak in public, what clothes to wear, how to address the press, and learn how to stay on the campaigns message effectively. Even if you are just be starting to think about running a campaign, you may want to hear all about the lay of the land, what kind of money it will take, and the likelihood of winning would be. All of these scenarios fall under candidate training and coaching.

Political Campaign Websites

Having a winning candidate is only the first step. You will also need a winning look and set of tools to get the job done. We know how to create images and websites that appeal to the right people to win your campaign. I can give you the tools and the uniform for a successful campaign and the strategies and training you need to ensure they are being utilized effectively. There are really only two things on the market I would recommend: NationBuilder and VAN/NGP. One will cost you an arm and a leg, is pretty old school, and gives you a pretty boring website out of the box. The other is more cost effective, provides all of the same features, is much more user and grassroots friendly, and more. I have no issue with using either of them as it really depends on how much money you are wanting to spend on your campaign, the size of the campaign, and who you have working on it with you. So choose your tools and consultants wisely.

Political TV, Radio, and Online Commercials

Videos can be helpful for spreading your message, but only if they are well made and delivered to the right people. I know how to make sure that your message is going to resonate with the voters in your area, and that it actually gets to them. We work with the more traditional methods of television and radio, but know how to tap into, and create, micro targeting strategies using the latest in mobile and internet delivery, such as social media and strategic ad placements. Videos are not the only media that campaign needs: Mailers, handouts, fliers, yard signs, buttons, stickers, shirts, etc. You name it I can get it handled for you, and for the best price possible.

Field Strategy Consulting

A good field strategy is going to be 90% Field. If you are being told otherwise I think you owe it to yourself, and your chances of winning, to give me a call to discuss why. It's not about how many commercials, yard signs, buttons, or stickers that you hand out, it's about targeting and connecting with the right people. This means diverting your money into the field. It is the ONLY way to guarantee a measurable result on Election Day. If you are not using a CRM, voter file databases, and fundraising tools, you are going to find yourself coming up short when the ballots have been counted. I received certification in grassroots political campaign management back in 2009 from Democracy For America, taught campaign leadership strategies for the Courage Campaign, and was a part of Reform Immigration for America's movement building for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the San Joaquin Valley while working with the United Farm Workers Foundation.

Fundraising Strategy & Database Development

Fundraising is the most important part of the campaign - without money, which equates to supporters, you cannot win a campaign. Staff, Offices, Supplies, Clothes, these things do not pay for themselves. There are many ways to get secure funding for your campaign, so it's a good thing that I know nearly all of them. When developing your strategy and database, we will always start with your closest circles of influence and access, then work our way out to the people who will give you money because they align with your beliefs, message, political party, and other factors. Be careful of just tapping into any offering of money, you want to make sure that you are not ensuring that you are indebted to the wrong people while you are in office. Existing donor pools via well known sources typically come with favors attached so it's good to really make sure that you are aligning yourself with the right people. We are also able to identify people in your area who are actually political donors, so that you can make sure to get in touch with these people more easily.

Voter Database/ List Rental & Development

Data, Data, Data. It's all about the data. Using voting history and registration information can take you a long way to your goal of getting elected. You know exactly who you should be targeting for outreach efforts by looking at the voters propensity, which neighborhoods will produce the best results, and demographic/party information. We can help build these targeted databases for your campaign. It is much better to target your efforts as opposed to just going to get the voter file information from the state or party, they do not do all of this work for you - and often times they give you information on over 500,000 voters. If you do not know how to sift through all of that data and target the information you need, get in touch with me and I can handle it for you.

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