501c3 Development

The 501c3 process has many twists, turns, and caveats. I have helped with the formation of nonprofit organizations, been on the board of directors of a number of nonprofits, am currently on the advisory board for an up-and-coming foundation, and helped many people through various stages of nonprofit development. It won’t matter what stage you are in. I can help you along with the process of developing your nonprofit.

Fundraising Consulting

Fundraising, even if you are privately funded, is the only way to ensure that your nonprofit is able to sustain itself many years to come. I have over 7 years of experience recruiting volunteers, managing campaigns, identifying prospects, and asking for money for political candidates and nonprofit efforts. I will be able to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and training needed to make your efforts more successful.

Customer Relationship Management

A good CRM should be at the heart of your nonprofit organization. If you are not using a system to help you manage the relationships that you have with your donors you are missing out on a lot of money. Nonprofits need to make sure that all of their community’s activities are monitored. Interactions in person, over the phone, and online should all be being logged and linked together to help build better relationship awareness and help ensure better fundraising efforts. I can help you figure out what CRM would be best for you, and help identify ways that you can use your new or existing systems to help bring in more efficiency and money to your operations.

Organic Growth Strategies

Most nonprofits are looking for ways to find new donors, but few are actually maximizing the potential of what they already have access to. I can help you utilize what you already have, and help develop strategies for organically occurring growth. Is your message one that inspires others to get their friends and families involved? Have you encouraged your donors to become fundraisers for you? Considered the impact of creating evangelists for your nonprofit while asking for donations? There are many ways to work with your pre-existing communities that engage and encourage natural growth.

Website Development

If your nonprofit website looks like it was built over 10 years ago, does not instill trust, or lacks things that people are expecting from a website in 2019, we can fix that together.

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