Marketing & Brand Development

Who is your market? Where are they? How can you reach them? What sparks their interests? These are all things that I can help you figure out. I offer a full range of marketing services from marketing strategy development to television commercial and infomercial video production. I work with political candidates, nonprofits, and businesses to help them craft and deliver their messages and products to their markets. For years, I have been regarded as a specialist in crafting persuasive narratives, and developing movement-building strategies in the political sector. You can be sure that I’ll be able to get the message delivered effectively.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

After helping to create and implement hundreds of political and nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns, I have a solid strategy for anyone considering a crowdfunded endeavor. Many people can claim to know how to do crowdfunding, but not many people can say that they have been doing it longer than KickStarter has been around. I understand that any good campaign begins long before a launch. Let me help you with what you need to have a successful campaign: Crowdfunding Clients.

Organizational Restructuring

Most people are unhappy with their jobs. Only around 10% of the working population claim job satisfaction, so it is important to have an understanding of how well things are working in your business. At our initial consultation, we discuss issues you may be having, what you would like to see changedwhat your ideal situation would be, and establish goals for success.

Business Management Consulting

Management consulting services can range from once-a-week meetings to weeklong development courses. Steps oftentimes include surveying your workers to identify issues of structure and satisfaction, holding interviews with relevant parties, or even spending some time on site observing and engaging with your employees. If you are a sole business owner
, the process will be straightforward and leave you more organized to manage a more sustainable business.

Talent Recruiting

Finding the right candidate for the job can be more stressful than it sounds. From grassroots efforts to coders and developers, I have a long history of placement assistance. I can help you find the person who will not only fit the job description, but also fit in at your workplace. This is a pretty intensive process with most of the work being done on my part. You will be simply interviewing with me, allowing me to assess your needs, desires, and deal breakers — and I'll find you the perfect candidate.

Community Development

Whether it is an online community or one in your office, I can help you organize, grow, and stabilize your community so that it can flourish and thrive. I have an extensive background in helping develop strong communities of workers and people. In fact, I got my start as a community organizer back in 2008, which has lead me to where I am today. My exhaustive background in complex strategy development will assist in any community development needs you may have.

Website Development

A website should provide your business with the right tools to be successful. With so many options on the market, it’s important to assess your businesses needs before deciding on a platform.

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