Jay's Bio

Jay has spent years working in politics in a number of roles, becoming active in the wake of California’s Proposition 8 debate in 2008. Having never been involved in the political process up to that point, he was catapulted into the world of organizing and movement building.

Jay received his grassroots political campaign management certification and joined the CalVoter organization, working as a voter party persuasionist, changing voters’ political affiliation, being instrumental in changing the political party alliance of the City of Fresno.

Jay joined the California Clean Money Campaign (CCMC) as Field Director of Southern California and Fundraising Director of the California Disclose Act Campaign. From there, he went on to work with a number of different ballot initiatives, the Occupy Wall Street movement in Long Beach and Los Angeles, and with Terra Strategies, where he was a recruiter, trainer, and employee tracker. This gave Jay the impetus needed to strike out on his own and form his consulting business.

Bringing along the experience gained over the years, Jay has established himself as a successful, passionate, and tactical political, non­profit, and small business consultant and strategist. More recently, Jay has moved to Austin, Texas where he is now focusing on work in the business sector. For more up-to-date information read Jay’s Linkedin

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